Why you don’t need a flashy email template

Email is still the world’s most accessible platform. Any person from anywhere in the globe can strike up a conversation, share news, or send important announcements to a wide audience.

And what makes a winning email? It’s not the flashy design. The size of the CTA. The carefully-sourced images. It’s your message.

And here’s how to get it right.

Don’t treat your emails like flyers

Years of exposure to emails dressed up as glossy brochures has trained us to recognise promotional content instantly. We’ve become so adept at this, we delete these messages from our inboxes before we’ve even read them.

Whereas emails crafted with mostly text signal that they’re something different that need further attention.

And another benefit of a text-based email is that it’s far less likely to be flagged as spam or hidden from view in Gmail’s promotions tab.

Let your personality shine

Less time spent choosing the perfect images, colours, fonts and layout means freeing up time to focus on what really matters. Crafting the perfect message for your target audience.

Leave it to your website to showcase your brand’s look. Let your email showcase your brand’s tone of voice.

Stay on message

There’s a good reason you’re sending that message. Maybe you’ve got an announcement to make. Or an offer to promote. But drowning your message in images, buttons and flashy design distracts.

Keep things short, simple and focused. It will give you the best chance of getting your subscribers to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Accept that your audience just doesn’t care

Understand that your audience is most likely opening your email on a mobile device whilst drinking coffee, getting their kids’ lunches ready, waiting for the bus. All that time, effort, and money spent on multi-column layouts, rounded corners and high fidelity images? Wasted.

In these modern times, the only way to capture your audience’s attention is with a simple, clutter-free, and short email.